We pride ourselves on using the very latest in dental technology so that we can provide our patients with the most in-depth, comfortable, and convenient dental care in Suwanee, GA. Our office is outfitted with the most sophisticated and high-tech dental tech such as digital x-rays, intra-oral cameras, and loupes. This equipment allows us to offer a more comprehensive assessment of your oral health. Read more about the state-of-the-art equipment we use at our practice below or call us at (770) 224-1040 to schedule an appointment for yourself or anyone in your family.

Digital X-rays

With digital x-rays, our dental specialists can identify numerous issues including gum disease, deep cavities, tooth decay, tumors, and cysts. We utilize the most current dental technology to take digital dental x-rays in lieu of traditional X-rays. There are advantages to digital x-rays such as:

  • Low dose radiation, less radiation exposure than traditional x-rays
  • Higher quality images that can be emailed to you
  • Easier to diagnose dental issues or other pathology
  • Increased comfort with the use of sensors

Our dentists use digital panoramic x-rays to view the patient’s entire mouth as opposed to looking at isolated areas. This allows us to plan comprehensive full-mouth restorations and improved orthodontics treatment recommendations with better detail.

Intraoral Camera

An intraoral camera is a small video camera (about the size of a dental mirror) that enables you to clearly see what we are viewing inside of your mouth. It can zoom in and provide a magnified view of your teeth and gums on a TV or monitor. This helps us to better assess your dental health and to educate you about your diagnosis and treatment options.

Dental Magnification Loupes

In addition to high-tech dental X-rays and intraoral cameras, we also utilize magnification loupes, which are special vision-enhancing devices that surgeons use to see with greater detail and work with greater precision. At Suwanee Center for Family Dentistry, our highly-trained dentists use these same special prismatic glasses to achieve the best results when working in a small space, where accuracy is essential.