Composite Fillings

Composite fillings serve the purpose of repairing a decayed, cracked or fractured tooth. However, they differ from traditional metal fillings in that they are tooth-colored and blend in with your natural teeth more seamlessly. At Suwanee Center for Family Dentistry, composite fillings are one of our services for treating cavities and other dental malfunctions. Our expert dentists make the process of receiving a composite filling as simple and comfortable for you as possible. We are proud to serve the Suwanee, Sugar Hill and Buford communities with trustworthy, affordable restorative dentistry.

Should I Get a Composite Filling?

If you need a filling but are worried about the aesthetic ramifications, a composite filling may be a good option for you. Composite fillings work to correct chipped teeth, gapped teeth, cracked or broken teeth, decaying or decayed teeth, and worn teeth. We recommend composite fillings for teeth that are more visible as opposed to a more noticeable metal filling. Our licensed dentists are able to match the color and shape of your composite filling to the color and shape of your natural tooth, so your dental work is virtually unnoticeable. While composite fillings don’t last forever, they are a durable option that you shouldn’t have to worry about for many years.

The Process of Getting Composite Fillings

It usually only takes one appointment to administer composite fillings. Here’s what to expect when you come in for a composite filling:


First, your tooth will be numbed by a local anesthetic. This will allow your dentist to remove any decay present in the tooth. If decay is deep within the tooth, you may require a root canal procedure. Your tooth will be fully cleaned and prepped before placement.


When the tooth is ready, the filling should fit in the prepared space. Then, your dentist will expertly place, shape and polish the filling. You should not be able to feel anything while this is taking place. When placement is complete, your tooth should feel back to normal in terms of shape, look and function.

Post Procedure

In the days following the procedure, you may experience some sensitivity to hot and cold. If discomfort does not subside after a few days, contact your dentist at Suwanee Family Dentistry to discuss your concerns. Otherwise, you will be able to continue eating and cleaning your teeth as usual. We recommend patients be diligent about attending routine visits to our office to ensure no issues arise with the new filling.

Cost of Composite Fillings

This option tends to be more expensive than other forms of fillings due to the composite material. The typical cost per tooth is between $130 and $250. When you come into our dental office, we’ll go over a more exact cost estimate depending on your specific treatment plan. Because our practice believes patients deserve to look and feel their best, we strive to make dental care as affordable as possible for families in Suwanee and surrounding neighborhoods.

Suwanee Family Dentistry accepts most major insurances and offers a variety of payment alternatives, including discounts and no-interest financing plans. Most insurances will normally cover the cost up to the price of a silver amalgam filling, with the patient responsible for the remainder. The price difference between composite and silver material is usually minimal.

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While there are many types of fillings, the most common ones are made out of gold, silver amalgam or tooth-colored composites. Composite fillings are a popular choice for patients looking for an improved look and function because of their restorative and cosmetic benefits.

If you think a composite filling may be a good option for you, we encourage you to set up an appointment today! Our dental team can talk you through the process and help you make a final decision at your first consultation. To get started, simply call our office at (770) 224-0140 or fill out our online contact form today!

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