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Why You Should See a Children’s Dentist

13 Oct 2017 Uncategorized

As a parent, you want your child to get the best care possible, and when it comes to dental care, you should take your child to see a children’s dentist. For most children, having appointments with a children’s or family dentist is a better option than just seeing a general dentist. There are multiple reasons why.

Children’s Dental Care

Children need to see the dentist. The American Dental Association recommends that children see the dentist during their first year or life or within six months of their first tooth erupting. This is critical because children are prone to cavities, and unfortunately, once a child gets a cavity, the decay can spread quickly through the rest of the mouth if action is not taken. Because of that, it’s critical to find a dentist who treats children.


Dental Education

Children’s dentists have experience working with children. They put education at the forefront of their practice because they know that the more kids know, the easier it is for them to fight cavities. To that end, they often give kids tips on brushing, flossing, and how to do it correctly.



These professionals also have the patience your child deserves. Sometimes, when dentists work almost exclusively with adults, they get used to churning through patients quickly, and when a child is in the chair, they don’t always set aside the time the child needs to get through the work. When you see a children’s or family dentist, you don’t have to worry about that. You can rest assured that the dentist will work slowly but efficiently, ensuring that your child is comfortable every step of the way.


Welcoming Environment

Children’s dentists set up an environment that is welcoming to children. Depending on the clinic, that could mean a number of things. The waiting room might have toys, the dentist may have TV’s in the exam rooms so kids can watch a movie while getting work done, or the dentist may offer toys after the appointment. Little touches like that can help your child to feel comfortable, and those elements help children develop a positive attitude toward dental care that can last for their entire lives.


Special Training

Additionally, children’s dentists sometimes have special training. For instance, they can often do root canals on teeth that don’t have fully formed roots yet. They are also experienced with addressing issues such as long-term thumb sucking, refusing to brush, loose baby teeth, and similar matters. As a result, you can turn to a children’s dentist when you have questions about your child’s oral and dental issues, and they can help point you in the right direction.


Family Dentistry

Finally, when you take your child to a children’s dentist who sees the whole family, you can all go together. When your child sees you going to the dentist, that sets a positive example and helps your child realize that dental care is important for everyone. It can also be more convenient for the family when you have one dentist that you all use.


At Suwanee Center for Family Dentistry, we treat children as well as the rest of the family. We offer a welcoming atmosphere for patients of all ages. Contact us to make an appointment today.

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