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Top 5 Questions to Ask the Oral Surgeon

22 Dec 2017 Uncategorized

Oral surgeons can take care of everything from wisdom teeth removal to more advanced procedures such as gum tissue biopsies, grafts, and cosmetic procedures. If you are thinking about having an oral surgery, you may want to ask the oral surgeon a few questions before your appointment. Here are five of the questions you may want to cover.


1. Are You Experienced With Oral Surgery?

To ensure your oral surgeon has the credentials you need, you may want to ask about their qualifications and experience. There are some surgeries that a general dentist can handle, but to be on the safe side, you may want to work with a specialist. For example, you may want to choose an oral surgeon or dentist who has training in advanced dental implantology or IV conscious sedation. Their experience helps to make the process easier for you.


2. Do You Stay Updated on Research About Oral Surgery?

Researchers are constantly finding ways to improve the outcomes of oral surgery. You don’t want to work with a dentist or oral surgeon who is using old techniques. To that end, you should ask your dentist if they have active memberships with organizations that are focused on research and improving care standards. If your dentist does that, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.


3. What Pain Medication Do You Recommend?

Once you’ve established that you are comfortable with the professional you’ve chosen for your oral surgery, you should start to ask questions about the procedure itself. One of the first issues to consider with oral surgery is pain management. Three of the most common options are local anesthesia, nitrous oxide (laughing gas), and dental sedation. Dentists who do a lot of oral surgery can usually recommend the right option. They see patients go through these procedures on a regular basis. Additionally, if you’ve worked with a particular dentist in the past, they likely have a good idea of your personal pain tolerance.


4. How Much Recovery Time Do I Need?

Make sure to cover this issue before your oral surgery so you can plan ahead. Find out if you can drive home after the procedure, but also find out how much recovery time you need. Should you take time off from work or schedule the oral surgery on your days off, or can you jump back into regular life the moment the procedure is over? Your oral surgeon should have answers for these questions.


5. What Are the Payment Options?

So you don’t face a surprise bill, talk with the administrative professionals at the dental clinic and find out if your insurance covers the procedure. If it doesn’t, find out what the other options are. Some clinics offer payment plans for expensive oral surgeries, or they may have relationships with credit organizations that can help you with financing.


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