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Getting Affordable Dentures at Suwanee Family Dentistry

23 Oct 2017 Uncategorized

If you are missing teeth, dentures help you to regain a smile that looks beautiful and teeth that function just like natural teeth. Unfortunately, however, dentures can sometimes be expensive. At Suwanee Center for Family Dentistry, we work with our patients to help them get affordable dentures. Here’s a look at what we offer.

Insurance for Dentures

Many insurance plans cover the cost of dentures. These companies know that you need dentures to maintain your ability to eat and speak, and as a result, they are often willing to cover the cost. At Suwanee Center for Family Dentistry, we work with nine major insurers and PPOs as well as some other insurance companies.

If we accept your insurance, we can let you know what’s covered, and we can even tailor the treatment so that you get as much covered as possible. Then, we bill your insurance company directly and work with you for your co-pay amount.


Payment Plans for Dentures

To help our patients find affordable dentures, we offer a number of payment plans. In some cases, we may offer discounts for upfront cash payments. That helps a lot of patients afford what they need. In other cases, we let you make payments on your dentures.

We offer low-interest rate financing to make that possible. Depending on the situation, you may be able to set up payment plans through our office or by using a third-party credit provider that specializes in dental health care.


A Perfect Fit

If you want affordable dentures, setting up payments is just part of the process. You also need to ensure that you get a perfect fit. That helps you to avoid discomfort down the road, and it also helps to ensure that your dentures will last as long as possible so that you can avoid the cost of replacing them.

To ensure every patient gets dentures that fit perfectly, we start with a consultation. During that appointment, we help figure out what type of dentures are right for your needs. Then, we use 3D imaging to perfectly craft dentures that fit your mouth.


Affordable Denture Repairs

In addition to offering dentures, we also offer repairs. If your dentures are cracked, broken in half, misaligned, or have other issues, we can fix that for you. Unfortunately, if your dentures are in a state of disrepair, that can be hard on your mouth. It may lead to sores along your gums or other issues. Additionally, if you have partial dentures that don’t fit correctly, they may rub on the enamel of nearby teeth, and as the enamel wears down, that can lead to an increased risk of cavities in the teeth near permanent dentures.

Eventually, those issues may necessitate extra dental work, which can be costly. However, if you come to us for repairs, you can avoid those extra costs. In the long run, that also helps to make your dentures even more affordable.


To learn more about affordable dentures, contact us directly. At Suwanee Center for Family Dentistry, we offer top notch dental care and dentures to our patients.

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