Get Dental Fillings Without Pain or Fear

28 Aug 2018 Uncategorized

When you have cavities, dental fillings are essential, but unfortunately, a lot of people have fear or anxiety about getting dental fillings. If you feel this way, you are not alone. In fact, many people avoid the dentist altogether due to fears or anxiety, but you don’t have to do that. At Suwanee Dental, you can get dental fillings without fear or anxiety. Here’s what you need to know.

Sensitivity Levels Vary

Different people have different levels of sensitivity. While one person may not feel anything after some local anesthesia, others may still feel pain. At our dental clinic, we understand those differences, and we try to customize our dosages to meet every patient’s needs. If you can still feel anything when the dentist is working on you, you may have sensitive teeth, and you may need to request additional local anesthesia.

This rule also applies to nitrous oxide. Many people choose nitrous oxide because it helps them relax through the procedure, and although it’s often associated with children, you can get this “laughing gas” at any age. However, you may need the dentist to pump in different levels of the gas depending on your personal sensitivity levels.

Anti-Anxiety Medications During Dental Fillings

Sometimes, cutting off your body’s ability to feel the dental work is not enough. Many people perceive pain as they hear the dentist working on their dental fillings. The sounds and vibrations increase their anxiety levels, and they feel extremely uncomfortable physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

At Suwanee Center for Family Dentistry, we understand this effect, and to help our patients we offer a variety of types of sedation dentistry. To help reduce your fear and anxiety, talk with our dentists about taking an anti-anxiety medication. Our dentists give you a prescription for the medication. Then, you take the medication before your appointment.

We help you choose the right medication for your situation, but the two main options are anti-anxiety or antianxiety plus drowsiness. With the first option, you just feel more relaxed, and with the second option, you almost sleep through the procedure. Or, even if you stay awake, you may not remember the procedure. You don’t just have to save this option for dental work. You may want to use oral sedation before regular exams or cleanings as well.

General Anesthesia for Dental Fillings

In some cases, anti-anxiety medication or oral sedation is not enough to make people feel comfortable while they are getting their dental fillings. In these situations, you may want to turn to general anesthesia. With this option, you are asleep through the procedure.

Dealing With Sensitivity After the Treatment

After you get dental fillings, your mouth may have some sensitivity. Usually, that goes away within a few hours, but if you have very sensitive teeth and you are getting a lot of restorative dental work done, you may want to talk with your dentist about pain relief options. We may be able to make recommendations to ensure that your recovery is as pain-free as possible.

If you have anxiety or fear about dental fillings, let us help. We strive hard to create a relaxing, inviting environment that is as comfortable as possible for all people. To learn more, contact us today.

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