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5 Reasons Patients Love Our Dental Office

16 Mar 2018 Uncategorized

At Suwanee Center for Family Dentistry, we are committed to creating a safe, comfortable space for people to get dental work, and our clients tell us that they love our dental office for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the top reasons patients love our dental office.

1. We Are Committed to Pleasant Experiences

When you visit some dental offices, you may feel like just another person to bill, but at Suwanee Center for Family Dentistry, we make sure that each and every patient has a pleasant experience. Honesty, respect, and kindness are the heart of our mission statement, and we put those three principles at the center of what we do. We foster close ties with the community so that we always know what our patients want and expect from their dental care providers.


2. We Have Great Amenities

To create the most pleasant experience possible, we have a number of amenities. While you’re waiting, get comfortable and grab a drink from our beverage station which is always stocked with coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. If you want a distraction while getting your work done, feel free to enjoy a show on one of our flat screen TVs. We also offer clean warm blankets to ensure you are nice and cozy throughout your procedure.


3. Our Dental Office Has Top Notch Technology

The right technology makes dental treatments safer, more comfortable, and more efficient. Our digital X-rays create high quality images that make it easier to diagnose dental issues, and they also have lower radiation levels than traditional X-rays. To get an even better look at your oral health, we have intra-oral cameras, which allow us to get more detailed images than traditional X-rays. Our dental magnification loupes guide us to more accurate, less invasive treatments, and that’s just the beginning of the top notch technology in our dental office.


4. We Offer a Wide Range of Treatments

Many dental offices give you an exam but then refer you to another dentist for the work. At Suwanee Center for Family Dentistry, our patients generally get the work they need in our offices. They don’t have to run around looking for another dentist to help them. Our dental treatments include root canals, dentures, oral surgery, and a wide range of other restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures.


5. We Offer Value

We know that dental care can sometimes be difficult to afford, and to help our patients, we offer a number of different specials. Although specials are always subject to change, we have offered our patients deals such as free take-home whitening kits, free exams for new patients, and free second opinions on X-rays from other dental offices. We also work with a number of different insurance providers, and we have payment plans that let you spread out the cost of expensive procedures over time.


Those are just a few of the reasons our patients love our dental office. To find out for yourself, make an appointment today, or contact us for more information. We look forward to treating you and your family.

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